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About Workday HCM

Workday Training is one of the best courses currently offered, and it has many advantages. launched by the fantastic business tool Add My Course. The workday is available online. Classes were held both during the week and on the weekends. Making sure you utilise the product to its full potential is the aim of the workday training. The basics of using Workday are covered, including how to use the various features and handle any potential issues. After completing the Workday training, a tech graduate will have a solid understanding of the program. By enrolling in this 40-hour online training course, you can become an expert in financial management, human resource management, payroll management, and time tracking. Any professional who completes Workday training successfully can get a respectable job.

Course Coverage


Course Duration

35-40 Hours (35-40 hours will be instructions + theory + Lab)

Flexible Schedule

We offer flexible schedule with this course

  1. Overview 
  2. Core Concepts 
  3. Business Objects 
  4. Worklets 
  5. Basic and Additional navigations
  1. Organization types 
  2. Supervisory organizations 
  3. Reorganization
  4. Setup of supervisory org structure 
  5. Managing supervisory organization
    1. Creating subordinate organization 
    2. Dividing a supervisory organization 
  6. Additional org types
    1. Matrix Organization
    2. Company Creation
    3. Cost Center Organization
    4. Location
    5. Location Hierarchy
    6. Region
    7. Region Hierarchy
  7. Organization hierarchies 
  8. Organizational assignments on supervisory org 
  9. Organizational reports
  1. Types of staffing models 
  2. Configuring individual staffing model 
  3. Hiring restrictions 
    1. Position management 
    2. Job management 
  4. Differentiating between staffing models 
  5. Maintaining staffing models
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  1. Job profiles 
  2. Job profiles and localizations 
  3. Job profiles and compensation Grades 
  4. Management level hierarchy 
  5. Differentiating job profiles, job families, job family group 
  6. Creating job profile (Task) 
  7. Positions
  8. Managing filled and unfilled positions
  9. Creating positions (Task) 
  10. Edit position restrictions and Edit position
  1. Compensation Overview 
  2. Compensation Components 
  3. Compensation Elements 
  4. Compensation Plans 
  5. Compensation Grades, Grade Profiles and Steps 
  6. Compensation Package 
  7. Compensation Eligibility Rules
  1. Security groups 
  2. Security group types 
  3. Configurable security 
  4. Functional areas, securable items and security policies
  1. Business Processes Overview 
  2. Navigating to a Business Process Definition 
  3. Supervisory Organizations and Business Processes 
  4. Creation of a New Business Process from Scratch
  5. Editing a Business Process 
  6. Condition Rules 
  7. Adding a Custom Notifications
  8. Copying a Business Process
  1. Creating applicants 
  2. Hiring in supervisory organizations 
  3. Assigning user-based security groups 
  4. Hire into position/job management 
  5. Staffing movement 
  6. Termination 
  7. Mover workers and inactivate supervisory organizations 
  8. Workday accounts Viewing personal data 
  9. Rescinding a Process
  10. Compensation Changes
  1. Recruitment process
  2. Job Requisitions 
  3. Job Applications 
  4. Questionnaires
  5. Posting templates 
  6. Offer templates
  7. Career sites
  1. Time Calculations
  2. Time Calculation groups
  3. Time Calculation eligibilities
  4. Time Tags
  5. All Time Calculations
  6. Time Tracking Templates
  7. Time offs 
  8. Time Off Types/Plans
  9. Time Off Calendar
  10. Holiday Calendar
  1. Data Sources Overview
  2. Business Object
  3. Fields Overview
  4. Report Writer Overview 
  5. Report Types 
  6. Workday Standard reports
  7. Developing Simple, Advanced, Search bar, Matrix Reports. 
  8. Advance field calculations 
  9. Custom report Types 
  10. Sharing Reports 
  11. Scheduling reports. 
  1. Calculated Field Concepts 
  2. System wide vs. Report Specific Calculated Fields 
  3. Global Calculated Fields (e.g. Constants) 
  4. Calculated Field Dependencies 
  5. Available Functions, such as: Date Calculation and Formatting Functions 
  6. Arithmetic Calculations 
  7. String and Text Functions 
  8. True/False Conditions 
  9. Evaluate Expression 
  10. Lookup related Functions
  11. Functions that access Related Business Objects  
  1. EIB Overview 
  2. EIB Design Pattern Workday HCM Course Content 
  3. EIB Limitations. 
  4. Workday Public Web services overview. 
  5. Workday Reports-as-a-Service 
  6. Developing an Inbound EIB. 
  7. Developing a Outbound EIB. 
  8. Custom Report Transformation. 
  9. EIB Features. 
  10. Loading Customer Transactional Data into Workday using EIB’s
  1. Overview
  2. Architecture
  3. Core Connector: Worker
  4. Integration System Services
  5. Integration System Field Attributes & Field Overrides
  6. Integration Maps
  7. Transaction Log
  8. Integration System Integration Attributes & Sequence Generators
  9. Integration Business Process
  10. Launching Integrations
  11. Overview of Document Transformation
  12. Workday Studio Overview

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    Workday Training Objectives

    Workday HCM training is designed to help you understand and use the software to its fullest potential. You will learn the basics of how to navigate the interface, how to enter and retrieve data, and how to troubleshoot any issues you may encounter. After completing your training, you will be prepared to apply for positions such as Workday Implementation Specialist, Workday Integration Specialist, or Workday Support Analyst. There are also a variety of certifications offered in different formats, such as Basics of Workday HCM, Basics of Workday Security, Fundamentals of the Workday Integration Hub, and more. With AddMyCourse, you can get the training you need to become a certified Workday user today!

    Our Workday HCM training program is created to give students thorough instruction with an emphasis on applying key concepts in real-world situations. Workday is the software system of preference for many of the top educational institutions and businesses in the world when it comes to the workforce, financial, and student data.

    Overall, the Workday HCM course is beneficial for those in the Human Resources field. The course offers a comprehensive overview of Workday HCM, allowing users to better understand how to use the software.

    The benefits of learning Workday HCM are:

    1. Improve organisational efficiency
    2. Reduce costs
    3. Increase visibility into the workforce.

    4. Improve employee engagement

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    Previous experience with another HR management system is not required, but may be helpful. Familiarity with basic computer functions and usage.

    After completing Workday HCM Online Training, you will be prepared to apply for positions such as Workday Implementation Specialist,

    Workday Integration Specialist, or

    Workday Support Analyst.

    The average pay scale for certified Workday professionals is $90,000 per year.

    In this online training course, you will learn how to use the product effectively. After completing the course, you will be able to handle any issues that might come up. You will also be able to use the program confidently.

    The Workday HCM Certification exams are the perfect way to ensure that you are fully utilising the product. After completing the training course, you will have a solid understanding of how to use the program and be able to handle any potential issues.

    There are different types of Workday HCM certification courses; for example, you can enrol in a course that covers all the basics or a more in-depth course.

    Our 40-hour online training course covers the different Workday HCM certifications, so you can choose the one that is right for you. You will learn all about the program, how to use it, and any potential issues that may arise. After completing this course, you will be an expert in using Workday HRMS.

    By taking this training, you will learn everything you need to know to use Workday successfully. After completing the course, you will be an expert in handling your company's HR procedures.

    After you complete our online HCM training and have a certificate of completion, you can apply for jobs in various industries such as human resources, marketing, and finance.

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    Job Roles

    • Workday Core HCM Application Developer
    • Workday HCM Functional Architect
    • Workday Integration Consultant
    • Workday Systems Analyst

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    Self Paced Learning

    $ 299
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    • Learning Management System (LMS) Access
    • Premium Technical Support

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    You can enrol in the Workday HCM Training by registering on our website. Once you've created an account, you'll be able to access our course catalogue and enrol in the training that interests you.

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